IT Solutions

We deliver IT strategies for growth, working with businesses to provide a clear, robust solution to IT requirements.

We know what it means to run a business, we thrive on supporting our clients through successful growth.

“The team at Integrity are professional, efficient, skilled and supportive in every way. Thank you for all you do!”

Shereen Lawl – FastTrack Services

What’s the weakest point of your network?

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Data Security

Provide the support businesses need to protect themselves and grow

Network Security

We have the tools you need to access your colleagues’ devices remotely, to update software or troubleshoot

Cloud Security

IT solutions and cybersecurity are not separate any longer and any information stored digitally is at some level of threat.

Cut through the jargon associated with IT.

Where we came from

What do you get if you put together a sound engineer, a taxi driver and a fashion designer? Integrity. We came into IT as users, rather than IT graduates. We learned IT to find ways to fix problems in our varied areas of expertise, ways to make things possible and keep businesses going and growing. Our diversity is what shapes our ability to relate so well with our customers, treating each business and person individually and with respect.

Who we are

Led by Mark Baiden and Jon Coles, together we bring our life experiences that enable us to cut through the jargon associated with IT. We are from the generation that had to load Windows on Floppy Discs, and over the past 30 years there isn’t much we haven’t seen. We have maintained the connection to what our clients want, with the addition of IT expertise and accreditation along the way. This gives us a different approach to other IT support companies – our perspective is from the viewpoint of a business owner who just wants the mechanics that run in the background to be worry-free, allowing them to focus on business growth.

Secure Suite

For many years, our desire to help clients led to such flexibility that each client had a different set of services and licensed products as part of their IT solution. In 2020 we took a step back, combining the very best of what we know the market can offer with the understanding we have of business needs. The result is SecureSuite: a complete package with one clear cost per user. Each element has been thoroughly considered by our expert team and selected as an essential ingredient, regardless of business size. SecureSuite is robust enough for the strict standards of IFAs, and big businesses, but is also suitable for IT managers to purchase, and start-ups where IT security is increasingly important but can seem overwhelmingly complex. SecureSuite is a robust, complete package that covers your business needs with future-proofing built in, designed to help you scale up seamlessly.

IT may be an essential part of keeping your business running but at Integrity we know that the possibilities that IT can bring are even wider. Alongside supporting businesses with IT strategies, we provide discounted rates for schools and charities, helping to level the playing field by giving access to everyone. When you choose us for your IT services, you help us to continue this charitable work.

Meet the Team

As part of our mission to deliver robust and secure IT strategies, we regularly produce blog and video content that highlights key considerations for businesses of every size, advice on cyber security and our thoughts on the latest IT issues. As with everything that we do, they are delivered with clarity and heart.

We also have a series of informative clips here: IT Security on Vimeo.

What we offer

Our services start with an in-depth consultation to pinpoint and analyse exactly how, where and why we can help your business get more out of its computing systems.

Cloud Services

We will provide software solutions and cloud services including Office 365, website and email hosting.

Remote Access

We will use remote desktop access to investigate & provide walk-through solutions and demonstrations, fast – saving you money and time.

Helpdesk Support

Our dedicated team of fully trained IT professionals are available to support you when you need us – by phone, email and if required, onsite support.

Are your details on the dark web?

Learn more from our videos on Vimeo.


Security Audit

Cyber Security



How secure is your Network?

We believe our IT strategies are the most robust on the market.

Whether you are an IT manager or small to medium business owner, we would love to chat about how Integrity and our SecureSuite package could work for you. We will take time to understand your business and work as an honest partnership where you and your team feel confident in our abilities and positive approach and we can deliver consistent, appropriate service that fits your business as it grows.