Do I Need a Second Monitor?

Dual monitor office setup
  • Increased efficiency – research shows people with two monitors consistently completed tasks faster than colleagues with only one, sometimes by as much as 20-50%.
  • Ease of reference between two documents, for example if cutting and pasting between two documents
  • Multi-tasking made easy
  • One screen for an online meeting, and the other for making notes
  • Maintaining focus on a task on one monitor, without interruptions from communications via email or messages on the other
  • Easier collaboration with colleagues on one monitor, whilst working on the other
  • You can use different browsers if they offer different features e.g., Firefox features vs Chrome speed
  • Comparing items side by side is easier with two monitors

Have we convinced you?

The good news is that it isn’t difficult to set up a second monitor, and it can be relatively inexpensive. You’ll need to think about the space you have available, which will dictate the size of the monitor you can have.

We offer advice if you are thinking of buying new devices or equipment – for example we will ensure any new device can manage running two monitors, or advise you if you need to upgrade your existing graphics card.

Contact us today to discuss your options.