How can Integrity support my business?

Our role at Integrity is to provide the support businesses need to protect themselves and grow. Whatever sort of service you offer, if you are seeking help with your IT strategies, it is likely that this is an integral part of keeping your business running. The businesses we work with are very varied, in both the work they do and their approach to IT. Some business owners are very tech-savvy and need an IT company that meets their own requirements, others have no desire to learn about the technical aspects and just need to know their network is secure and that any IT concerns are covered without them having to get involved. We are happy to work with all approaches and we are always flexible to our clients and their needs rather than expecting them to fit our own agenda.

Our SecureSuite package has been designed with businesses in mind. Using a clear cost structure so that you can predict your budget effectively and covering everything you need to keep your IT up-to-date, secure and covered in the event of an issue. We keep extensive records of all issues raised so that when you or your team contacts us, we can immediately see if the concern has come up before and reach resolution more quickly.

How can I find an IT company that understands my business?

Above all, we take time to get to know every business that we work with. Learning about your plans for growth enables us to plan accordingly and prepare your IT strategies to scale seamlessly. Unlike other IT companies, we are a tight, consistent team, we get to know each other by name and you don’t feel like you have to explain everything from the beginning each time. Our mission is to support businesses through growth, and we celebrate being part of that journey when you get to your destination. We have some clients who we have been with since the beginning, starting as a third-party IT solution and taking on the role of a freelance IT director who is interested and involved in the business. As they have grown, we have adapted and as they have taken on an in-house IT team, we have continued to support their IT Manager.

Do I need to worry about IT security for my business?

We would love to be able to service your business efficiently with just the end products you use, but in these times that would not be responsible. IT solutions and cybersecurity are not separate any longer and any information stored digitally is at some level of threat. That means that both your own business records and functions, as well as the data you hold for your clients, requires tight security to ensure it is protected. We find that some business owners are highly concerned about security and others would rather not think about it, but essentially the solution is the same for us. The Integrity SecureSuite package is our robust solution, providing protection, back-ups and safe remote connectivity between colleagues.

How can I trust my IT company to do right by my business?

A core value of Integrity is our emphasis on honesty. We write it into our contracts, and it goes both ways. When an IT issue pops up, it is not unusual for human error to be at the root cause. If we know from the start what has happened, we can reach a solution more quickly. It is not our place to judge how things might have happened but to get to effective resolution. Likewise, in the unlikely scenario that we do something wrong at Integrity, we won’t try to fob you off with excuses or pass the blame, we will explain what has happened and set our minds to fixing the issue immediately, only returning to what may have gone wrong once the problem is solved, in order to ensure we have further measures in place to prevent the same mistake happening again. This relationship with mutual honesty builds trust and make the interactions between Integrity and clients relaxed and easy.

How can I tell if my investment in IT is worthwhile?

As a business, regardless of the IT strategies in the background, the key thing is that things are working: emails can be sent and received, documents printed, records are safe. Although our team are always working away on protecting your network and enabling business growth, we never forget these basics. For ultimate transparency, each client has access to their own live dashboard, showing real-time information about the way our services are used and security threats that have been distinguished. When IT is running perfectly, we think you should barely notice us unless you choose to, but we want you to know that your investment is worthwhile.

Concerned about your business security? We can help!