What is SecureSuite

Previously, we found our clients only increased their IT protection when they suffered a breach. As responsible IT experts, we found this unsatisfactory, as IT breaches or losses can be costly both financially and for your reputation.

Our solution is the robust set of services included within SecureSuite.

SecureSuite offers a comprehensive solution to all aspects of data storage, access, backup, protection and remote availability.

We developed SecureSuite in order to meet the increased demands remote-working puts on connectivity, security and data backup. By creating one robust, complete solution for all our clients, we are able to provide great value without cutting any of the corners that we know are essential, regardless of your business type.

As work is increasingly being carried out remotely, it is an unfortunate fact that cyber criminals are more common, regularly targeting businesses, small companies and individuals. Don’t leave it too late to protect your business.

What does the cost of SecureSuite include?

The fixed monthly cost of SecureSuite allows for greater control of your budget. Based on a per-head price*, it includes all of the below as standard, answering the needs of small businesses, large companies and the toughest IFA requirements.

The inclusion of hardware in the SecureSuite offer provides consistency to your IT budget, eliminating costly surprises that cannot be avoided when purchasing everything separately. The same is true for software where it is easy to spend more on adhoc requirements than on one complete package. Other hardware is also covered by the monthly fee, including Routers that have 4G failover so that if your internet connection is lost, staff can continue to work as the 4G failover will kick in, ensuring continuity and productivity can continue while the internet connection is re-established.

This flat cost also includes full data back-up to the Cloud, eliminating the need for costly physical servers that require capital, warranties, maintenance and inevitable upgrades further down the line as the storage fills up.

What’s Included

Our services start with an in-depth consultation to pinpoint and analyse exactly how, where and why we can help your business get more out of its computing systems.

Remote & Onsite support
When you raise a ticket with one of our engineers, they will work on your issue and formulate a resolution plan. They will assess the priority of your request based on how much it affects you and your organisation. If a resolution isn’t reached within 30 minutes, they will escalate your ticket to the second line of support. If your issue is critical or very technical it will be escalated immediately. Once your ticket is dealt with, we’ll check with you to confirm that things are working as expected before closing it. We will re-open a ticket if something comes up within 7 days, or if you’re unhappy with the resolve we have offered.

Secure Global Network
You need to be able to work anywhere, anytime but you need your connection to be secure. You need to be able to access your data and resources, but also ensure they are safe from malicious intruders who scan public networks. We use Todyl which is a platform designed to offer networking and security to businesses of any size – connecting and protecting you, no matter where you are working from. We will optimise your ability to work effectively, efficiently, and securely regardless of what the world throws at you.

Cloud Backup
You need a strategy for storing your data in a way that is accessible should the worst happen. If your data is compromised, we can restore it using a copy of your cloud data which is stored at a separate location and backed up daily. We will ensure your business can continue to operate and access your irreplaceable data if something compromises your server.

Dark Web Reports
If your details are already for sale on the dark web, we can find out for you. We will run a scan and produce a report on any system weaknesses we find, and ways to secure your network. We can run a spoof attack, sending a fake email to your staff in order to highlight the dangers of phishing and other cyberattacks that often start with unwitting staff being lured in through seemingly genuine approaches from well known organisations, or even other company employees. We will run a mini penetration test to search your systems and identify potential and actual threats, recommending what to do next.

Enterprise Hardware
You need the internet to work. If your connection fails, most of the things you need to do are stalled while you wait to be reconnected. We offer enterprise grade routers that will automatically switch to a 4G connection if your internet fails, until the issue is resolved. This will mean you can keep working and connecting in the way you need to. We will save you time and money by ensuring you have an uninterrupted internet connection. We also include network switches and enterprise grade Wi-Fi.

Microsoft 365
No longer will you need to worry about your Microsoft licence, it’s all included in our monthly fee -there will be no more bills coming directly to you and you’ll have access to all your Microsoft Office favourites, including: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, the latest Office Client Apps, E-Mail, Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Editor, Microsoft Family Safety, Microsoft Stream, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online. We will ensure you have access to Microsoft 365, without the worry of re-licencing, or paying various monthly bills.

Hosted Email Signatures
Your business email signature needs to be consistent across all your devices – a corporate representation of your branding and company image. Without this, mobile devices may provide a different signature for your emails, including for example, ‘Sent from Android, sent from my iPhone, or Yahoo’. Once your email is hosted by us, you can be sure that your company signature is uniformly provided to your clients in your communications. We will make your communications look consistent and professional – it’s all included in our one monthly fee.

Antivirus and Ransomware Protection
We will take care of your antivirus subscription, ensuring you have up to date virus protection. We use Senitel One, a market leader in the detection of suspicious activity. As soon as malware is detected it will remove threats from viruses, worms and Trojans to ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits and spyware. We will ensure you don’t have to worry about antivirus protection. You won’t have to research, renew or pay for your antivirus, we’ll do it for you, it’s all included in our one monthly fee.

My Glue
My Glue offers a trusted, secure and reliable password management tool. My Glue has many features, including a password vault, checklists, and security features like audit trail, version history and SOC 2 compliance. My Glue has everything you need to manage passwords and process documentation safely. You will have access to My Glue which is a trusted, secure and reliable password management tool.


* Based on a minimum of 5 users



laptop and screen

How can I protect my business while working remotely?

As work is increasingly being accessed remotely, it is more important than ever that it is safe from being intercepted by criminals, lost through a device being broken or stolen, or simply not backed up in a way that stores it securely for those who should have access to it. This is why the Secure Global Network (access to your emails securely from any internet connection in the world), and Secure Cloud backup are in the suite. This is very important for all of our clients, especially IFAs with a high likelihood of being fined if they breach GDPR and are found not to have been compliant.

How can I tell if my data is breached?

Dark Web reporting will show if any of our clients’ private data is already for sale on the dark web, and the penetration test (mini pen test) will run a safe, simulated attack on an organisation, identifying if there are areas that are vulnerable to a real attack.

Antivirus and Ransomware protection is universally accepted as vital, but now rather than being up to you to ensure it is up to date, this will be part of the managed service provided by Integrity.

Concerned about your business security? We can help!