How can Integrity support IT managers?

Our role at Integrity is to provide the support businesses need to protect themselves and grow. Although we work with companies to offer outsourced IT solutions, we also work with internal IT managers. Like IT Managers, we understand how critical IT strategies are to the running and development of a business. We work in partnership with IT Managers, by providing back up and cover, allowing them to be away from their desk with peace of mind that any issues arising will be dealt with reliably and expertly.

Our aim is ultimately to make sure your IT strategies are optimised and that the hard work IT Managers do is recognised as an essential contribution to the success of the business.

IT Managers are often frustrated by repetitive requests to fix the same issues, which can mean the bigger IT strategy is neglected. Our team keeps a record of all interactions so that we can shortcut to the required solution quickly when a call comes in, if the problem has arisen before. Likewise, if an IT Manager was to come across a new issue, they can tap into the ‘hive mind’ at Integrity and benefit from more brains on the job, without anyone else taking the credit.

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How can I solve IT problems remotely?

With our SecureSuite package, you have the tools you need to access your colleagues’ devices remotely, to update software or troubleshoot. By solving problems seamlessly, your key role as a trusted advisor who keeps the business going is secure. And if you were to hit a problem that you can’t solve directly yourself, we can get the team on it quickly without it snowballing into a larger issue.

How can I cover IT while I am away?

If you are a hands-on IT manager in a business, you will be well-accustomed to the mixed feelings that taking time away from the phone can bring. If you feel tied to dealing with reactive requests it can hold you back from focusing on growth for the business and your own career, prevent you from attending training and make holidays less restful. Perhaps you are asking yourself ‘How can I take holiday when I am on call all of the time?’. Working with you everyday, we know your business and while you are unavailable, Integrity will take the calls from your colleagues to provide a seamless service and allow you to concentrate on what you are doing.

If you are away unexpectedly, Integrity delivers continuity to keep the business running and ensure that your employers know that IT is a stable and reliable department under your leadership.

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